The Set: 7 reusable produce bags


Set of 7 reusable produce bags from The Sunshine Series because single-use plastic sucks! Be a part of the solution. Perfect for the farmers market, grocery store and bulk bins.

Materials: Made with fabrics and materials that are compostable, food-safe, synthetic and dye-free.

  • 4 GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Mesh bags to allow fruits and veggies to breath
  • 3 durable Hemp bags to ensure your grains and trail mix stay put.
  • Each bag is labeled with its tare weight to ensure you're not paying extra for those pine nuts!

GOTS Organic Cotton:Global Organic Trade Standard is the highest worldwide processing standard for organic fibers including the entire textile supply chain. We love organic cotton because It uses less water to grow compared to conventional cotton, it's pesticide-free which eliminates harmful toxins from water runoff & entering our streams, lakes, rivers & oceans. Since pesticides are not used, farmers invest in soil fertility & protect biodiversity for greater crop yields.

Hemp: A few reasons why we love hemp fiber is because it's one of the strongest natural fibers, is naturally resistant to mold, does not require pesticides to grow, is an extremely fast-growing crop, requires 1/4 the amount of land to produce the same amount of fiber as conventional cotton & can grow in a variety of different soils & climates!

Also perfect for:  travel, packing, baby items, pool, beach & eco friendly gifts. 


2 Small: 8" x 9"
3 Medium: 10" x 11.5"
2 Large: 11" x 17"