We are a woman owned brand inspired by our travels to Guadeloupe, a French archipelago found in the Caribbean, and the sustainable village nestled amongst the vibrant foliage and sparkling shores. After years of being nomadic, these villagers planted their roots on this breathtaking island, prioritizing the use of their natural resources by living off the land. They have chosen to live as organically as possible, practicing sustainable farming and agriculture instead of depleting their environment. Their passion to preserve the beauty of Guadeloupe evoked the start of our own journey to a more sustainable lifestyle-thus Nômade was born.


Nômade, translated from French to Nomad, is the concept of having no fixed habitation and traveling to hunt and gather. For us, the word Nômade holds much more meaning. We believe it signifies a lifestyle (wether fixed or roaming), in which you leave an environment exactly as it was discovered; virtually untouched.


We are passionate about the environment and have incorporated sustainability throughout our brand, in everything from our products to our packaging. All our boxes and envelopes are made from 100% recyclable materials, and our packages are filled with either biodegradable protective paper, dissolvable peanuts, or recycled Kraft paper.

We have partnered with predominately female like-minded brands that share our same philosophy, and only use organic, eco-friendly, and locally sourced materials. The majority of our brands are made in the United States, and we have chosen to only highlight a few select overseas brands that are fair-trade, have market access, a healthy work environment, and improve social-economic way of life.

Through our curated collection of sourced vintage decor, handmade artisanal goods, and sustainable essentials, we hope to bring beauty to your home without disrupting the natural beauty of the world.