Hydrangea bath milk


Nourishing bath milk leaves skin hydrated and silky soft.

Hydrangea root powder promotes collagen production which improves skin health by enriching skin texture and elasticity while keeping wrinkles away. This grounding Bath Milk is formulated with vitamin-rich coconut milk and mineral-rich dead sea salt including magnesium, potassium, sulfur, zinc, and more to increase circulation and naturally move free radicals out of the body.

Formulated for: combination skin types.

Scent: Sweet, herbal notes with woody undertones.

Elements: Organic Coconut Powder, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Hydrangea Root Powder, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil

Bottle Sizes: 6 ounces | 170 g

Organic, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free Certified