Body soap bar


Keep your skin clean and healthy with these soap bars formulated with carefully selected single-source essential oils that smell and help you feel great all day long. Small batch, all-natural, organic, and handmade with you in mind. 4.5 oz

S.E.T (Citrus + Cedar)

Great For: Surface Level Discomfort, Acne, Preventing Infection, Rejuvenation
Known To Be: Calming and Stimulating

Ingredients: Olive Oil, H20, Coconut Oil, Alkali, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Pomelo Essential Oil, Rosehip Powder.

SP (Sandalwood)

Derived From The Resin Of The Drago Tree, Dragon's Blood Is A Unique And Aromatic Addition To The Orange Oil, Cedar, Sandalwood, Hemp And Patchouli. A Long-Lasting Scent Leaves Your Skin Silky Smooth.

Great For: Psoriasis, Eczema, Pimples & Oily Skin, Surface Cuts & More.
Known To Be: Powerful beyond belief. Make that skin new again.

Ingredients: Organic olive oil, water, organic coconut oil, Alkali, organic palm oil, organic sunflower oil, hemp oil, shea butter, orange essential oil, cedar wood essential oil, patchouli essential oil, iron oxide.

Oneone7 (Peppermint)

Great For: Oily Skin, Eczema, Scrapes, Acne & More
Known To Be: Antibacterial And Antifungal

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Alkali, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Hemp Oil, Shea Butter, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Cajeput Essential Oil, Peppermint Leaves

Nana (Tea Tree)

Great For: Loose Skin, Psoriasis, Eczema, Cuts & Scrapes & More
Known To Be: So Powerful and Highly Exfoliating

Ingredients: organic palm oil, water, organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, alkali, organic olive oil, peppermint essential oil, tea tree essential oil, cajeput essential oil, peppermint leaves.