Algae cooking oil


Experience the purity and versatility of chef-grade algae cooking oil, rich in good-for-cooking and good-for-you Omega-9 fats. This oil can do it all; sear, bake, roast, dressings, dips, and more.

Amplifies Flavors: Light and slightly buttery, this is the chef-preferred oil that enhances flavors unlike Olive and Avocado oil which overpower flavors.

Highest Good Fats: More healthy Omega-9 Monounsaturated fats and 75% less saturated fat compared to Avocado and Olive Oil.

Highest Smoke Point: 535°F, +125° more than Olive Oil. High heat unlocks tasty textures; creamy, crunchy, fluffy, flaky, tender.

Lowest Omega-6: The lowest level of Omega-6 fat among most common oils, a fat linked to gut inflammation.

Lowest Impact: 1/10th land and water usage of Vegetable Oil and 1/2 the carbon footprint of Avocado Oil.

Made in United States 

Shelf life: 12–24 months • Storage: Shelf-stable